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How can we support our Producer Partners in a bigger way? We are diving deep and picking up high scoring micro-lots and larger lots from Producer's we are already partnered with, to bring you The Better Blender. From the high mountains of Huehue, to the lush valleys of Acatenango, we are separating these offerings into two profiles based on what we are tasting in the cup: Profile 1 is brighter and Profile 2 is more balanced. Because you shouldn't have to sacrifice for blends, we aren't skimping on bringing you the best we can find for less.

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El cimarron - fair trade organic

We take pride in bringing our roaster partners FTO offerings that are not only traceable but delicious. We have found a great partner with the Asproguate Association and have unique offerings available based on Producer feature and profile score.

Asproguate started in 2014 lead by a group of organized producers located in Coban, Acatenango, and Chimaltenango regions. 

The mission: to manage social development among small coffee producers in Guatemala providing sustainable and differentiated access to international markets. 

They are accomplishing this by educating their producers with new agricultural technology, creating and sustaining long term relationships between the producer and buyer, and using sustainable practices for the environment.

55% of producing members are women and 90% of producing members belong to the Cakchiquel and Tzutujil ethnicities.


swiss water process

Our secret to the best decaf? The best producers +  Swiss Water Process +  Small Batches

Current Offering on the West Coast:

Octavio Lopez Camposeco

The property of El Durazno is decorated with namesake peach trees, their intoxicating fragrance filling the air. More than thirty five years ago, Octavio López Camposeco began growing coffee alongside peaches. He started small with coffee, in a 25 x 25 meter lot. Year over year the peaches were stolen, so finally he switched to coffee. He and his family grow Catuaí, Maragogype, Caturra, and Pache varieties, and this will be the third year they've separated varieties.

Octavio is 57 years old now, and has 6 children: 4 daughters and 2 sons. His wife's name is Mercedes, and they've been married for 35 years. He has 11 grandchildren. Two of his daughters have farms in the area with their families as well.

This is the fifth year El Durazno has exported, and we're excited to work with the López family. We're looking forward to supporting further micro-lots and varietal separations, and to bringing this wonderful coffee from 'The Peach' to your porch!

$ 4.65 USD / lb