Owner : Edwin Martinez Pineda


region: agua dulce, san pedro necta, huehuetenango

varietals: Red and Yellow Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai

altitude: 1,600-1,900 masl

harvest: december-march

process: fully washed and dried on patios in the sun

lots: michicoy, vista hermosa, la vega, edlyna, el bosque, el eden, el sabinal, el cipresal, mirador


Finca Vista Hermosa, Beautiful View, is a legacy of three generations of coffee lovers who have poured their hearts into the rich land of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The United States purchases more specialty coffee from Guatemala than any other country in the world. Because it is situated in the highlands, Huehuetenango coffees are among the more coveted coffees of altitude from Guatemala. Our family plantation is located in Agua Dulce, Huehuetenango in northwest Guatemala. Finca Vista Hermosa is ecologically sound and healthy, a model for many shade grown and organic plantations. 

It makes sense to care about the area in which you live and work. We have taken the opportunity to make a difference in of our community over the last 60 years. At our farm in Agua Dulce, we have on-site agronomists visit each month to provide a space for our neighboring farmers to come and learn. Some travel a few minutes to get to FVH and some travel for many hours, but all of the farmers have a focus to improve their coffee quality.

Each year after harvest, Edwin A. Martinez leads a small group of doctors and veterinarians up into the remote highlands of Huehuetenango. In this part of the world a visit from a veterinarian can have just as much (if not more) positive impact as a surgeon.

The Martinez family is proud to offer you our award winning SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) coffee, unmatched in quality, tradition and commitment from the planting of our youngest coffee plants to shipping a well processed green to your door. This year we offered 8 micro lots with 3 other lots in various stages of development. The lots located around the wet mill range in elevations from 5300 - 6150ft. Our higher lots above the mill range from 5800 - 6350ft and we have two lots in the 4400 - 5000ft including our first lot Michicoy.