"This is simply some of the best Decaf we've every had. At Andytown we try very hard to source all our coffee responsibly. That is especially challenging with decaffeinated coffees which can be very difficult to track back to origin. The fact that I know exactly what farm my decaf coffee came from and even know the farmers name is invaluable. But besides being totally traceable, your decaf selection has been simply delicious harvest after harvest. There are many decaf coffees that jump out immediately as a decaf on the cupping table; they can taste metallic or oily and flat. In contrast, Onyx's decafs are always vibrant and complex. They fit right into our cupping table along with all our single origin offerings. It's an honor to work with you guys and I look forward to continuing to do so!"



Robin Gutierrez is one of the very first producers we partnered with to export his coffee and offer to roasters.  He and his young family have bought small lots and combined them over the years. Jesus, Robin's father, watches over the patios and personally paddle turns all of the coffee he and Robin produce.  Robins lots all have a unique trait in that they have a lot of fruit tries scattered through out their farm;  Apples, pears, nectarines, bananas, plantains, and sugar cane. Their lots and production are as follows: 25 Claveles, 40 Capulines, 25 Reforma, 15 El Huerto.

-Claveles is a higher lot inherited by Jesus' wife from her father Don Lago Estanislao

-Capulines was bought from Jesus' wife's sister, Lucinda.

-Reforma was bought from Jesus' father.

-El Huerto was purchased from Blanca Elena.  Blanca Elena and her sister Mariella both inherited their land from their father Virgilio Villatoro.  They are all neighbors at FVH.  Primary varieties here are Caturra and Bourbon.  We have paid an average of $2.75 before taxes for their lots over the last few years.  


$ 4.65 USD / lb
Status: Spot

notes: mild tropical fruits, chocolate, caramel, almond
Warehouse: The Annex - Oakland, CA and continental, NJ